Old school RuneScape earning money and skills training guide

Players'energy in Old School RuneScape is mainly used for skills training and making money. From basic skills training to a comprehensive guide to obtaining OSRS gold medals, you can thoroughly penetrate the game and benefit from it. Now we look at skills training.

No matter what game we are playing, there will always be a learning phase when we enter the game for the first time. The purpose is to let players enter the game state faster. Old School RuneScape is no exception. It revolves around multiple skills, and its training is to allow players to experience and master one or more skills more quickly.

Whether you are a newbie in Old School RuneScape or a professional old player, you need skill training to keep up with the speed of game updates.

There are two types of participants in skill training. You need to spend a lot of time following the system to complete the training, which requires a lot of OSRS Gold, you must obtain it through other means, such as buying OSRS Gold from the market. But more players like to use efficient methods for training, regardless of the level of experience, it may take longer to complete the skill training to make money.

Completing missions is what the player must do. The more missions completed, the more skills they will acquire. At the same time, you also have more opportunities to earn more OSRS Gold.

The more tasks you complete, the more skills you can train. It is best to determine the task angle as your long-term goal. Moreover, when you have better equipment and more powerful weapons, you can complete these tasks faster.

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