2020 When does Leagues II-Trailblazer start?

The Leagues II - Trailblazer is the second league in Old School RuneScape. It will begin on October 28, 2020, and last for two months. The development of the league began in mid-June 2020. Regarding the Leagues II - Trailblazer, there is a detailed introduction on YouTube, you can learn from the following video.

Beginner players may not know much about the league. The following will introduce in detail the restrictions and tasks of the league.

Area restrictions

Players will start the league in Mithalin and unlock subsequent areas by completing a fixed number of tasks. Karamja is unlocked for free, no tasks are required. They can only choose the other three areas in the game from Wilderness, Fremennik Island, Asgarnia, Sunland, Haridin Desert, Kandalin and Tiranen, so they will never be able to access the complete map, And you must choose wisely which area to unlock.

Kebos and Kourend are not available in this alliance. The deceased's office, player-owned houses, random events and rune concentrates can be visited from anywhere. Slayer administrators can only assign tasks to players in the unlocked area, and players can only respawn in the unlocked area.

Player restrictions

Each player will be Ironman / Ironwoman and will be subject to the same restrictions as in Ironman mode, including the inability to trade with other players. The store will increase inventory and speed up replenishment to solve the problem of a large number of Ironman players. Some boss mechanisms may be changed to allow bosses without background to be collective bosses.

Players will start with 5 times the accelerated experience rate, and start with level 3 shemales, 5 rune skills and level 10 agility for shemale training, rune skill training, and roof agility courses. If missions or diary missions need to enter inaccessible areas such as Druid Rituals and Lost City, they will be automatically unlocked.


The missions in the Trailblazer League allow players to earn league points and unlock artifacts that enhance the character's taste. The mission will span five different difficulty levels: "Easy", "Medium", "Difficult", "Elite" and "Proficient". In the league, hundreds of tasks will be completed, from reaching a certain level of skills to killing certain bosses. Tasks are divided into area-specific tasks and regular tasks. The task will also prioritize the execution of unique actions instead of simply repeating actions "x" times.

Currently, there are more than 960 jobs in the Trailblazer League; all currently planned missions may not make it into the final game mode, and other missions may be created when the Alliance is released.

Examples of area-specific tasks include:

Enter the Culinary Association.

Beat Ober.

Make 50 water runes.

Receive Slayer tasks from Vannaka.

Obtain a cloak of hell.

Examples of general tasks include:

Cook 100 sharks.

Get the mark of grace.

Equipped with a short bow of yew.

Defeat the goblin.

It is expected that the number of points available in all unlockable areas will be approximately the same.


Relics are powerful buffs that can be unlocked using league points. Relics can provide experience value enhancements, enhance the combat effectiveness of skills, obtain extra luck for drops, and even enhancers of specific skills.

After leaving the tutorial island, players will receive three relics, which can be selected without points. There are six layers of cultural relics in total and additional passive polishing that automatically unlocks each layer. Each layer of artifacts corresponds to different aspects of the game: skills, teleportation, combat and practicality.

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