Wintertodt Guide: How To Complete Windertodt for OSRS

Winterdodt in OSRS is a mini-game style boss released on September 8, 2016, you actually use skills instead of battles to defeat it. Wintertodt is considered the boss, not a mini-game. It is located in the northern tundra of Great Kourend, requires a level 50 shooting to start, and is usually easier to train at lower health levels.

Only the servants of the Holy Flame know the spells needed to subdue Windertodt. Although their magical abilities are extraordinary, their skills in other areas are limited, so they need the help of skilled adventurers.

In order to help conquer Windertodt, players are required to have at least level 50 firecraft. There is no need to favor any city in Greater Kurend. The skill levels in Herblore, Fletching, woodcutting, and architecture will not affect the speed of their related activities at all, but having a higher level will give more experience.

Damage to Windertodt

Wintotot will be weakened by the power of the intense flames led by the anger. Therefore, it is very important to keep the brazier lit and the cremator in good condition during the battle. The brazier can be lit with a kindling box or bloom torch, after which the flame must be lit by adding bloom roots or bloom lighting.

Brumagen can be obtained by shredding Brumagen near each brazier. Players can choose to extract Bloom Root as Bloom Ignite. Doing so will require a knife.

Winterthort's attacks sometimes damage the brazier and fire mage. When the brazier breaks, it can be repaired with a hammer. When injured, gunpowder can be cured with a rejuvenating potion.

Wintertodt uses three different types of attacks in Combat:

    Standard Attack-All individual players will receive periodic damage, mostly random damage. This damage usually occurs every 10 to 20 seconds or so, but it rarely occurs multiple times in rapid succession, so it is difficult to cure without enough food.

    Brazier Attack-When a ball of snow falls on them, the brazier will break. When the brazier is broken, the player standing next to the brazier will suffer as much damage as snow.

    Area Attack-Snow will occasionally land in a random 3x3 space, which can be easily avoided by observing clusters of snowflakes. If it cannot be avoided, it will cause approximately twice as much damage as periodic effects. If snow falls on the brazier, it will break; if it falls on the hot stove, they will be damaged.

The damage received is based on the player's total health and shooting level, and will be greatly reduced when wearing warm clothes, at least 10-15% of its health level.

The reward for defeating Wintertodt depends on the bonus points the player has earned throughout the battle. Players must collect at least 500 points to be rewarded.

The rewards will include supply boxes and shooting experience (100 times the level of the shooter). A supply box will provide at least two robberies on the reward table. More than the minimum 500 points will receive additional bonus points. Every 500 points get a guaranteed extra scroll. Points below this threshold will have a chance to earn additional bonus points.

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